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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yes it has been months since I last wrote. We now have puppies (6 Months old) and boy how our life has changed!! Pretty dramatically too. Who knew! Well, we should have. It is like babies all over again, and yet, different, as we can leave them alone and go out, but they are not as cuddly or smell as sweet as a baby! LOL! They are very active, very vocal when we come home from somewhere, or in the morning, when they are up and ready to start THEIR day! This has been somewhat beneficial for me, as I have been forced to get up earlier than I like to walk them, and then I have gotten into the routine of going for a workout after that at the gym. We have taken them to some training classes, and have gained some ground in some areas, but still working on trying to keep the peeing and pooping to one location!

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