Desert flowers

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today is Monday and it is going to be stew that crockpot wedding gift! Yesterday's wonton soup was much loved and the wontons only took about 45 min to make...not too bad. Still some broth and frozen wontons left for another time. Today's lunch will be crepes with my boy, as sis is at French club over the lunch hour and just doesn't appreciate crepes as much as her brother! I surveyed my cards today...made a few more yesterday. Now that I have a stash, I need a place to put them, or sell them, so I can continue. I might be a card addict. At least my husband thinks so. I find myself looking at color combos everywhere, and thinking how to incorporate them into cards. And also how to make them distinctively 'mine' not versions that I've seen. I tend to use a lot of color. None of this subtleness in my life. Still figuring out how to get them onto my blog. But if I spend any more time on my blog, I won't get the stew done. So bye for now.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, day one worked! So I will continue. Now I have to figure out how to connect up with my flickr pics so they will have a link on this blog. I was reminded today by my little sis, that it will be my parents 45th Anniversary this spring, so I need to get on making a special card for them, in addition to a very good friend's 30th this weekend. I am also going to make wontons today which take a while, but are well worth the family's gratitude when finished! Ok, time to get started!
Alright, this is it! I have started a blog...I think! I have looked at other people's blogs, and am not entirely sure how they get such funky, colorful and great pics on theirs, but hopefully I'll figure it out. Why have I started a blog? Good question. I think it is because I have enjoyed others and feel I have things to share with others, questions to ask and hope that others would feel that they could share with me. A bigger reason is that I live far away from family and this way, they can check in with me on a regular basis, rather than just hoping I have sent an email! OK, I am going to end this right now, and see if it gets posted...wish me luck!