Desert flowers

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update from last some clothes for Z...and she likes them! Big step! Today we 'chalked' her hair-wet chalk, rub on hair and then heat style it. She chose blue but not sure how long it will last. Easy though and she has a variety of colors so I can see this happening again!
Darling hubby took me to Ikea last night and we bought some new shelving for my craft room.YAY! Now I can get organized...cause of course the old TV console thingy wasn't really doing it for me. If I could figure out how to post a picture on my blog I would. I seem to have much more room now! My classroom will be next week...needs the cobwebs, dust etc to be taken care of. A much needed spring cleaning is due! Lots of fun ideas on pinterest. Love that site!
Need to learn how to link to my pinterest site and also how to upload pics...spring break education I think.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thinking about middle school fashion/style...Z's daddy has suggested that we need to shop for her...thinks she has floods for pants! I told her the story about asking for a 'ghetto blaster' when I was a tween, and my dad suggesting that I actually needed a full-on mom told me to just go with dad was offering so I needed to take him up on it as it didn't happen often! Same situation here. SO decided to go and check out her closet to make sure we got rid of the 'old' clothes and were ready for some infilling of new ones! Are having a debate about skinny jeans and showing her derriere in such tight apparel. Appropriate or not? They are all the rage but bring me back to the 80's paint on's that my sis wore (with lumber jacket, high top undone runners and the black leather purse...with a perm) sigh. My little girl is growing up?!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can I just say "Thank-you"! Finally everything is in English!
After two years with only what I write in English, I finally found the place to go to change all the Arabic into English. YAY! Now to continue what I started...haha! We shall see. And on the flip side...found out today another friend with breast cancer. Too many here. Not sure what that is all about. Am committing this to prayer as I am at a loss to know what else to do.
Found a site today by Stephanie Ackerman who doodles and has all sorts of AWESOME quotes...some from her, some from others. Love her stuff. Put them on my pinterest board under HOPE. OK, time to get the kiddos and me to bed...too late last night and tomorrow is a big day in KG...saying farewell to one of our friends. Will be lots of BIG emotions going on.